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Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Options – who to romance and why?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a “beautiful and overwhelming” RPG, as stated by the people who had the chance to get a sneak peak at the early gameplay, developed by CD Projekt Red, the creators of the hit game Witcher 3. Although Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Options we know so far are quite limited, CD Projekt Red is preparing us a pool full of people to romance.

As seen previously in their RPG game style, the player has a lot of freedom in  their choices which will affect the outcome of the story. Taking this game to the next level, you will now have the opportunity to romance characters along the adventure. So far, we don’t know how many characters can you romance in CYBERPUNK 2077 but we will make a quick summary of what we know so far.

Main character

V, an “up and coming cyberpunk in Night City” is the protagonist of the game and will be customizable by the player in many ways (gender, appearance, skills and history). This will have an impact on the story and the love life. All V’s traits and all the choices will lead the protagonist to characters that can be romanced. Although some characters will only be available based on a certain lifepath, or not available at all. You have to keep in mind that characters you meet and wish to romance in Cyberpunk 2077 also have their own preferences as to whom they want to date, which I hope will increase the immersion and the feeling of reality in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 V male and female version
V male and female version

Who we met so far in Cyberpunk 2077 Romance options

Meredith Stout Romance Option 1

As previously seen in Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Highlights, we learned a few things about Meredith Stout. She is a gorgeous blonde with green eyes. She is known to be a very successful woman, playing the role of Senior Operations Manager for Corporate. Because Meredith is portraying such commitment to her work life, making her an egomaniac who will do anything to accomplish her goals.  Will she be the one to sweep you off your feet? Bear in mind that you can only romance her if you choose the Corporate lifepath.

Meredith Stout Cyberpunk 2077 romance option
Meredith Stout

Judy Alvarez Romance Option 2

Judy Alvares, a heavily respected technician in Night City, affiliated with the Moxes gang. V will meet her and have the option to romance her if you have chosen the Street Kid Lifepath.  Before making any choices, keep in mind that Judy Alvares portrayes a genius technician, very skilled, creative and “determined to change things for the better.”

Judy Alvarez Cyberpunk 2077 romance option
Judy Alvarez

Jackie Welles Romance Option 3

Jackie Welles is one of the early people V is going to team up with during the missions. The 30 year old from Night City formerly affiliated with the Valentinos. He is a solo mercenary who hates scavengers. As a mercenary himself, he proves to be highly professional and respectful towards the mercenaries that came before him. Developing strong traits friend and family related, Jackie Welles seem like a very loyal person. Nonetheless we don’t know yet as if you need to choose a certain lifepath or gender to romance Jackie.

Jackie Welles Cyberpunk 2077 Romance option
Jackie Welles

Small information about the romance options, but I’d love to know who would you romance based on what we know.

Who would you romance based on what we know so far?

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*Note that this information is solely based on trailers, old information and gameplay videos. We will continue to update this topic once we catch a glimpse of the actual gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077.*

We just can’t wait for the release time to uncover every detail of this amazing game.

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