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Cyberpunk 2077 best lifepath

Cyberpunk best lifepath to start which lifepath should you chose?

Before answering which Cyberpunk best lifepath to start for your first playthrough is, there are a few more details to know. It’s important to understand that the lifepaths available in the game will eventually converge into a single storyline. Your actions and background in the starter lifepath will determine the way the story evolves. Moreover, your chosen lifepath will dictate the ending of the game.

That means that the lifepath you choose has a high impact of the game and your enjoyment. How much it resonates with your real-life self?

When creating a character, one of the first decisions is, other than character customization, to chose your lifepath. There are three types to choose from which we will unveil in detail:

Cyberpunk Nomad Lifepath

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad Lifepath
The Badlands Nomad Lifepath starter zone

The Nomads might be the best lifepath to start in Cyberpunk 2077. They are more of an outlaw clan or gang. They make their living in the deserts surrounding Night City, called the Badlands. Above everything else the Nomad lifepath focuses on family and close relationships with their members.

If you choose the Nomad lifepath be prepared for a life of backstabbing. The game puts you (V) in the shoes of someone who abandoned their clan in hopes of finding a better life in Night City. Your first interaction with someone in Night City will be with a mechanic who plays a big role in the start.

From a gameplay perspective and the PS4 Pro trailer we can immediately tell that the Nomad lifepath will focus more on smuggling contraband, shady deals with infamous characters. At some point during the trailer, V’s paperwork for transporting some merchandise is being checked and we can assume that all that paperwork is actually fake.

The Nomad lifepath is for you if you like being outside of the law, being against the “system” and making business and money through illegal actions. Actions such as dealing with contraband, stolen weapons and bribery.

Nomad lifepath starting location: Badlands

Cyberpunk Corpo Lifepath (also known as Corporate)

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Lifepath
Copo Lifepath Starter Zone

The Corpo lifepath is suited for you if you’re the kind of person that enjoys the comfortable life of high-class cars, top floor apartments and making the world spin with money. Corpos specialize in banking, security and manufacturing when they take a break from all their campaigns and caviar dinners.

That being said, the corporate life is not without its intrigue and subterfuge. It’s a dog-eat-dog world where a slight misstep throws you from your expensive and comfortable life down to streets. If you can’t take the heat then Cyberpunk best lifepath to start might not be the best option for you.

But in terms of gameplay, the Corpo lifepath will focus more on diplomatic approach to resolve conflicts through speech, subtle assassinations or through money influence. Every mission in Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple approaches. None of them are either the best or the worst, it’s up to your personality or your in-game persona.

If you consider yourself a business-minded individual, then the Corpo lifepath will suit you. Let’s hope that your people reading abilities are as good as you think they are because in Corpo every little mistake is heavily punished.

Corpo lifepath starting location: Lizzie’s Bar

Cyberpunk Streetkid Lifepath

Cyberpunk 2077 Streetkid Lifepath
Streetkid Lifepath starter zone

Do you like fast cars, street racing and being in trouble with the police? If that sounds like you than the Streetkid lifepath is the best starting lifepath for you.

As a Streetkid you are mostly involved with street gangs and the “lower life” below the Corpos and being outside the system. The streetkid lifepath, from what we can see in the trailers, is based on creds and respect similar to other racing games.

Interestingly the Streetkid lifepath in terms of gameplay plays more like street racing game where you steal cars from the Corpos for your profit. The first character you meet will be Jackie, who is also part of known romance options in cyberpunk, catching you trying to steal an expensive ride. Shortly after the NCPD (the police in Night City) shows up alongside a character named Kaoru.

In terms of combat, it seems that the Streetkid lifepath focuses more on melee combat with high tech swords and other melee assortments as well as unarmed combat, boxing and fist fighting.

Streetkid lifepath starting location: Watson District

Made your lifepath decision?

Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite lifepath. What time does Cyberpunk 2077 release in your timezone?

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