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Cyberpunk 2077 Disappointing performance and tons of bugs

The day we were all waiting for has finally arrived. Cyberpunk 2077 officially released last night all around the world. With a few hours in already, a lot of mixed opinions arose about the most hyped game of the decade. It seems that everything is related to the Cyberpunk performance issues and bugs.

Let’s remember that Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for at least 7 years. The first official release date was firstly set for April, then delayed two times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The final release date being the 10th of December.

During all this staggering, the gaming community eagerly waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 created a huge hype around the game. It is to be expected tough since they promised a Next Gen game that would revolutionize the world of gaming we know today. But does it raise to expectations? Reviews started popping up all around Reddit and Steam during the day. Most players seem disappointed, a big issue being the performance of the game. And you can’t really blame them. CDPR advertised this game to be the most spectacular development ever made. And it seems like it is not.

We were all expecting the cool and funny memes about the game release, but we got a chain reaction of negative aspects highlighted all around the internet.

Cyberpunk 2077 performance issues

Performance issues in Cyberpunk 2077

From what we have seen, the performance optimization in this game is not what we hoped for. Gamers are struggling with settings to make the game work for at least 40 FPS. Most problems were encountered for console players. A PS4 owners stated earlier that “This game is unfinished and total disaster with graphics and texture applying.” The FPS are dropping in conversations making the immersion almost impossible and non existent. Also, the images are blurry and causing people headaches. Cars look like blocks from afar, rendering details takes a while and the list goes on.

It is to early to say if CDPR will address and fix these issues regarding Cyberpunk performance and bugs optimization. But by the looks of it, you have to play the game either on the latest consoles, either on a high performance PC. Luckily for those who own expensive set ups, the game will work at around 60 FPS if you adjust the settings right.

For a game in development for such a long time it sure feels like they hurried and barely finished it in the last few weeks just to meet a deadline. Sure, it is normal that games are buggy on the first days after the release. But I don’t see how they will improve this performance issues, especially on older consoles or computers. Nonetheless you are paying a lot of money to play a game that won’t work at its max capacity. The only option is to upgrade your PC or console, which shouldn’t even have to come into discussion.

If you are struggling with the settings, below you cand find a list of things you can do to improve performance.

Cyberpunk 2077 performance settings for higher FPS

  1. Update your NVIDIA drivers;
  2. Turn off Chromatic Aberration;
  3. Set Cascaded Shadow Resolution from high to medium;
  4. Turn off Film Grain;
  5. Turn on DLSS;
  6. Adjust field of view;
  7. Turn off Motion Blur;
  8. Disable V-sync;
  9. Set the game on high priority (PC).

Visual and Audio Bugs

As per usual, all games released encounter visual and audio bugs. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of them. The success of the game solely depends on how fast they are working to fix them. Reportedly, CDPR employees clocked in a hundred hours per week for the development in the last few months. Although I really hope they won’t be pulled to exhaustion in order to fix these glitches.

Even prior to the release, game testers and reviewers tagged this game as very buggy and broken. Some might find these funny, some may get annoyed. I get it! Waiting a long time for a game and not being able to experience it to the fullest can be frustrating.

Players in Cyberpunk 2077 reported various bugs such as: NPC’s looking the same, appearance distortion while looking in the mirror, palm trees randomly spawning on objects and so on. One of the choombas on Reddit experienced a bug in which the highway advertisements are reading “DEBUG” while in drive mode. Switching to photo mode, you were able to see what it was really supposed to look like.

Cyberpunk debug bug drive mode
Photo credit: Reddit – u/chelinchan24
Cyberpunk Photo Mode Bug fix
Photo credit: Reddit – u/chelinchan24

All in all, it is normal for games to have a lot of issues regarding image and sound during the first days, even weeks post release. I just hope CDPR will quickly fix all these problems, so that this game won’t die fast. Cyberpunk 2077 and its performance and bugs can be a masterpiece if the problem will be handled right.

Hopefully, the gameplay and story will somehow compensate for all this disappointment surrounding the most hyped game of the decade- Cyberpunk 2077. I for one am ready to give this highly praised RPG a longer and fairer shot on my medium performance PC setup.

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